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“Reflection of Duality (Lotus)”Prinn Jewelryの概要“Reflection of Duality (Lotus)” collection is the contempory jewelry to represent the reflection of modern Thai essence. Almost 300 moveable gold lotus leaves located on inner layer sway among upper surfaces which is black or clear will reflect the duality of modern Thais.
プロデューサーWorakij Kijjaraksuvanich
ディレクターWorakij Kijjaraksuvanich, Prinnuj Kijjaraksuvanich
デザイナーPrinnuj Kijjaraksuvanich
“Reflection of Duality (Lotus)”Prinn JewelryのデザインについてThai people are like a group of lotuses that seem to sway along with the water flow in gentle movements, yet the roots are always firmly placed to the fertile ground as the old word Golden Land. In the same manner, we Thai people have always retained our own culture and identity, despite the influx of other influences. The gold color of the lotuses and roots is employed to represent the rich heritage of Thailand’s long history that has never been changed nor destroyed. The colors of the surfaces layer represent the different cultures and periods that those cultures were imported into Thailand.
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