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2010年度 グッドデザイン賞 受賞


“Soul Mate” Prinn Jewelryの概要“Soul Mate” Collection is couple rings that are created for lovers, couples and especially for two peoples. Mokume Gane create the unique pattern for two rings which made together, the relationship of rings is unique for each couple. And combination with Gold bands to keep original tradition of couple ring.
プロデューサーWorakij Kijjaraksuvanich
ディレクターWorakij Kijjaraksuvanich, Prinnuj Kijjaraksuvanich
デザイナーPrinnuj Kijjaraksuvanich
“Soul Mate” Prinn JewelryのデザインについてThe natural beauty of the Mokume Gane pattern inspired us to think about the journey of two people. In the wide world,because of destiny or miracle bring two people to meet each other. When the routes of the two converge, relationship and things that occurred during the past, the present and then the future, is beautiful and impressive. It is notable that two people write the story together.
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