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2010年度 グッドデザイン賞 受賞


“Join to Joy”Prinn Jewelryの概要“Join to Joy” Collection composes of two rings (Inner Ring & Outer Ring) that can be wore together or separately depending on the users imagination and creation. The specialty of these rings is the use of Mogume Gane technique of the Inner Ring and the exceptional design of the Outer Ring. With these unique pattern of each Inner Ring and the various colors of golden Outer Rings, there are many selections of the joy for the users to join and share.
プロデューサーWorakij Kijjaraksuvanich
ディレクターWorakij Kijjaraksuvanich, Prinnuj Kijjaraksuvanich
デザイナーPrinnuj Kijjaraksuvanich
“Join to Joy”Prinn JewelryのデザインについてWe are part of Nature and Nature has alway been a part of us. How long has it been since we forgot about the importance of Nature. We neglect it and isolate ourselves from it. Until one day Nature calls out to us to heed and nurture it. Its time for us to use our creativity to rejuvenate and bring Nature back, letting it become a part of us once again. The Circle inner rings with pattern of Mokume Gane represent the sense of Nature. The Square outer ring with all curved sides represent human’s harmonizing to Nature. Joining these two rings reflects the adaptation of the human being to get along with the nature.
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