The Secret Eye - NS003



Fashion Accessory


Move CO., LTD.(Thailand)

2010年度 グッドデザイン賞 受賞


The Secret Eye - NS003の概要“The secret Eye” is the fashion accessory that special created for people whose age group are over forty and in need to use reading glasses in dairy life. The product is unique piece of art. It is the fashion accessory that has a progressive lens hiding in it. It is the transformation of costume jewellery to a functional piece of art. It is the one that can give a better vision in a fashionable way. The product will give back the confidence to the people who have to carry the reading glasses to use in public. The product not only give the charming look for the special target group of customer but also help them not to look over age and still look chic. The high end customer can continue to live their life style the way they want without having a problem of the long eye sight. It is the best thing for people who care about their look. It will provide the great image and the unique character for the people who are ‘different’.
プロデューサーMrs. Donya Veerasilpa Bruhin
ディレクターMrs. Donya Veerasilpa Bruhin
デザイナーMrs. Donya Veerasilpa Bruhin
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