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Flex Focusの概要Flex Focus is an ultrasound scanner that combines cutting-edge design with true diagnostic image quality. With the Flex Focus image is everything, not only for the medical professional who uses it but also for the patient who sees it. Full-featured ultrasound systems are usually large, cumbersome cart-based machines. With the Flex Focus the actual scanning unit is housed within its 19 monitor. This means user efficiency, ease-of-use and large images in a system that is physically flexible yet with a footprint small enough to fit and move anywhere
達成しようとした目標Flex Focus was designed to improve the experience for the doctor and patient by not only designing a friendly, uncomplicated and easy to clean solution, with a simple user interface, but also through the design of a solution that facilitates improved patient dialogue and work ergonomics. The small foot-print, the portrait format screen and the rotation concept facilitates use in cramped quarters
プロデューサーBK-Medical ApS.
ディレクターOle Christian Jensen
デザイナーAnders Smith
Flex FocusのデザインについてWith this design we tried to facilitate a friendly and professional user and patient experience. The aesthetics of the design was developed in an effort to improve the often stressful patient experience and make it friendly and dialogue centric
Flex Focusはどのような使用者・利用者を想定したかThe right mobility, without the compromises of a laptop type scanner. A docking concept that makes it perfect for satellite clinics. An image size till now seen only on very big systems, yet with a very small footprint. Easy cleaning with sealed keyboard and all smooth surfaces. A look that fits into a non-fragile hospital environmentand and at the same time a nicely furnished doctors office.
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