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USB Clipの概要The USB Clip can be clipped on any paper like letters, business cards or brochures. No chance to overlook it. The addressee can take off the clip from the document and connect it easily. The tread pattern at the inside of the Clip enable the necessary grip on the paper.
プロデューサーFreecom Technologies GmbH
ディレクターArman Emami
デザイナーArman Emami
USB ClipのデザインについてThe progressive technical development makes electronic storage devices smaller and cheaper. Especially USB sticks are often used instead of CD or DVD for archiving or transferring data. But because of their small size there is the risk that these modern data storage media are not noticed by the addressee or even get lost. The USB Clip cant get lost because of its ability of clipping it to a paper
USB Clipはその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したかThe extremely convenient USB clip can be easily and recognizably attached to any document, such as business cards, stationary, flyers or brochures. In addition, it holds together documents perfectly well and thus optimally combines analog and digital content in the true sense of the meaning.
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