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Eton Field Radiosの概要The FR series are two consumer field radios for use outdoors and in the home. They are particularly suited for emergency use where access to information, communication, and product reliability are critical. The FR feature NOAA weather channels, AM/FM, and world wide multiband channels to stay informed. They also include a two way walkie talkie, and a cell phone charger so one can stay in touch even when the power is out. FRs also have a flashlight, siren, and an SOS light beacon. Each are powered by hand-crank dynamos and solar panels so these units always work.
達成しようとした目標We wanted to create the worlds best consumer field radios. - Integrated green energy technologies including solar and dynamo hand crank.- Incorporated the best emergency assistance features such as NOAA, 2-way communication, and cell phone charger. - Established a new design language for Eton, the world leader in field radios. - Created a unique rugged aesthetic.
プロデューサーDan Harden
ディレクターDan Harden
デザイナーDan Harden, Hiro Teranishi, Sam Benavidez
Eton Field RadiosのデザインについてThe design solution is an effort to achieve a practical, yet innovative product, that is a careful balance of smart power consumption, minimal to no environmental impact, a rugged form and function, easy to use in emergencies, and that is fun to use.
Eton Field Radiosはどのような使用者・利用者を想定したかThe FR Series radios are meant for the person that want the longevity and durability of an all purpose outdoor-worthy emergency radio, but who also is concerned about energy consumption and its effects on environmental impact.
Eton Field Radiosはその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したかThe FR Series looks bold, rugged, and unique.It also looks completely fresh in a product category that is old. The crank and solar panel have been emphasized to communicate these clean power features and to make them intuitive. Large shape-differentiated controls, knobs, and graphics are super intuitive, which is helpful especially during an emergency.
社会・文化および地球環境の視点から解決すべき問題点Modern society and its consumers are increasingly more concerned about the environmental impact of the products that they use.people want to reduce costly battery consumption and waste.They also want to buy a quality product, that will not break and go to waste.
その問題点に対し、どのように対応したかEach design features a fold-out hand crank dynamo to supply electricity to the unit and to charge a cell phone (one minute of cranking makes 30 minutes of power). The FR500 also has a solar panel which supplies electricity to the radio or a cell phone. With dynamo and solar, users are not left without power.These products have a rubberized housing to protect the controls, making the device last.
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