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Leavesの概要The future design is intended to embody the new, upgraded Lufthansa Economy Class service and to highlight the profile of the brand in the cabin and to enhance the whole experience of flying with Lufthansa. Every year, more than 18 million passengers travel in Lufthansas Economy Class on long-haul flights. To a large extent, the new Lufthansa in-flight tableware product line is a modular and ergonomic design geared towards the extensive range of meals on offer and the functional demands of catering procedures. This begins and ends with airport catering operations.
達成しようとした目標The shape consistently implements the formal vocabulary of the Lufthansa specific product language and makes it an unmistakable Lufthansa product. The brand values, such as credibility, openness and safety & technology, are expressed in the design concept. The consistent design of all products on board imparts a professional environment to the passenger where they can feel in safe hands.
プロデューサーLSG Sky Chefs Catering Logistics GmbH
ディレクターDaniel Knies & Volker Klag (LSG Sky Chefs design studio)
デザイナーDaniel Knies and Volker Klag (LSG Sky Chefs design studio) / Peter Wirz, Jochen Bittermann, Christoph Bigler and Isabelle Hauser (Process design)
LeavesのデザインについてIts the first time that the new tray set relates to the unique Lufthansa Design Manual and product language for products and interior, which the design of the newseats, among others, takes as guidance. The Design Manual serves to clearly differentiate the cabin classes and their specific service standard and quality and spends orientation and feeling of security to the passenger.
Leavesはどのような使用者・利用者を想定したかAll passengers in Lufthansa Economy class, means families, holiday and business travellers from all over the world and cultures. Cultural differences are regarded in the meal service. An other type of users is the crew and catering staff which have to handle the tableware day by day.
Leavesはその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したかOne important goal for Lufthansa is that the consistent design of all products on board imparts a professional environment to the passenger where he or she can feel in safe hands.The cups and bowls have distinct orientations and accentuated reaching areas of the hands that accommodate the desire of the passenger to grasp them in order to eat out of them, thus giving him a secure feeling.
社会・文化および地球環境の視点から解決すべき問題点A differentiation between the global regions with different tableware was no option, because it is to expensive. The difficulty is to offer a product which works globally and which will accept from different cultures as adequate product and service (e.g. people from India prefer bigger dishes).
その問題点に対し、どのように対応したか2 Examples: The modular design allows different configurations. You can place the bowls in different numbers and ways on the tray and you can use different tray sizes as well. The printed non-slip pad/ traymat allows to change the communication if necessary.
どこで購入できるか、どこで見られるかOn all Lufthansa Economy class long-haul flights (intercontinental)
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