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Business Card Scanner; Business Card Recognition System


Penpower Technology Ltd.(Taiwan) Penpower Technology Ltd.(Taiwan) Penpower Technology Ltd.(Taiwan)

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WorldCard Ultraの概要WorldCard Ultra is an elegant-palm-sized color business card scanner. Slot-in design makes Ultra the easiest and most intuitive way to scan business cards you have ever experienced. The front cover keeps dust off while not in use and protects the internal electronic components. Humanize design on USB cable gathering in the backside of device simplifies the extra cable placement. On-the-go professionals find it a great companion to bring along on business trips to file contact info into a database before returning to the office. Support both Windows and Mac.
達成しようとした目標The intelligent mailbox concept with indication light, guide you to scan business card in the easiest way that you have never experienced. Build in more intelligent kernels to make user interface more friendly. WorldCard Ultra provides you with a total business card management solution by integrating card recognition, management, transmission, and printing functions in a single digitized unit.
プロデューサーPenpower Technology Ltd.
ディレクターPenpower Technology Ltd. DEM inc.
デザイナーPenpower Technology Ltd. DEM inc.
WorldCard UltraのデザインについてDevelop a new mail-box slot for better scan, Remove all buttons in hardware, Create a multi-purpose cap, Use different indication light to guide users, USB cable can be collected into the box, Re-design software to match this non-button business card scanner.
WorldCard Ultraはどのような使用者・利用者を想定したかWorldCard Ultra is designed to address the pressing needs of professionals including executives, middle managers, sales representatives, product managers, realtors, purchasing managers and insurance agents.
WorldCard Ultraはその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したかGet rid of those rubber-banded stacks of cards1. No need to search frantically through stacks of cards or into that deep corner of your desk 2. Save time and energy running through all your business cards just to find the right one. 3. Eliminate needless typing and endless keyboarding errors entering business card information. Spend your time dealing with your contacts instead!
社会・文化および地球環境の視点から解決すべき問題点In modern society, people always spend a lot of time dealing with business cards, but don have enough time to get into contact with other people appropriately. How to manage a lot of business cards is an important issue. Besides, Mac users also need business card management software to improve their efficiency.
その問題点に対し、どのように対応したかWorldCard Ultra can capture business card in seconds, supports multi-language and provides several management functions. It helps people to search contact information, link to web map, print label, sync with Outlook/ Outlook Express/ Windows Mobile and more. No matter Windows or Mac users, they can manage the contact information efficiently.
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