Nobility series N-702



USB 2.0 Flash drive


A-DATA Technology Co., Ltd.(Taiwan)

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Nobility series N-702の概要Discussions about the rise of modern technology always seem to focus on the influence of fashion on technological trends. A-DATA combines an avant-garde design with exquisite craftsmanship to make its Nobility Series N702 USB Flash Drive into a perfect interpretation for the modern technology of the new century.
達成しようとした目標Nobility N702 makes use of the combination of spiral lever and gear. When users rotate the black plastics part at the top, the USB connector is extended out after 180 degree rotation. Opened like a lipstick, N702 is a device mostly for women seeking for the latest gadget. It is simple, cost-effective, and a novelty device with the look of a perfect handicraft and technology integration.
プロデューサーSimon Chen, Chairman/ CEO, A-DATA Technology Co., Ltd
ディレクターSimon Chen, Chairman/ CEO, A-DATA Technology Co., Ltd
デザイナーChen Chu Chou, A-DATA Design Team, A-DATA Technology Co., Ltd
Nobility series N-702のデザインについてComing from the concept of a light, unique, personalized fashion accessory, the use of simple, spiffy lines of the sculpture with a shiny, metallic feeling redefines the image of the Flash drive products. When in use, the lipstick style USB connector with simple, innovative 180-degree rotation increases ease of use while forming more integrity of an overall product concept.
Nobility series N-702はどのような使用者・利用者を想定したかIts new diversified appearance presents itself as a great attraction for people who are always after popular fashion. The exterior metallic sensation with the perspective of a mysterious design, the special expressions of colors, everything about it radiates a mysteriously shining luster, ornamented with a spectacular and exquisite necklace.
Nobility series N-702はその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したかNobility (N702) fantastic Flash drive is a lot more than a mere Flash drive. Its trend-leading delicate appearance allows you to stay on the cutting edge of fashion. Originating from the geometric pattern applied by the fashion industry, N702 is like a diamond cut. The unique 180-degree rotary USB connector completely covers up with the housing making the N702 a fashionable accessory.
社会・文化および地球環境の視点から解決すべき問題点1.USB flash drive is an electronic device mostly without combining natural life and personal style, usually with hard, cooling appearance.2. Most flash drives are not user friendly due to its huge product design which cant be easy carried.
その問題点に対し、どのように対応したかN702 uses the Chip On Board technology. The method provides the possibility to integrate more functions in the same dimension to fit to a limited place. Together with the flash drive, you will get a free necklace and a key chain so the flash drive can be used as a fashionable accessory. Also the unique 180-degree rotary USB connector makes it the most fancy computer accessory in the IT industry.
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