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Galaxy G8は、サムスンのholistic "onenessデザインモットーを忠実に守った設計である。



Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S8+の概要Designed to manifest holistic "oneness," the Galaxy S8 & S8+, give comfort to their users with a harmonious balance. Though powerful, their performance is not visually highlighted, and all elements that seemed needlessly mechanical were eliminated to deliver a immersive viewing experience. The subtle curvature that flows from the front to the back of the device provides an ideal ergonomic grip. Also, the choice of color and materials, which naturally blend in with the scene, creates a sense of unified fluidity that suits well with anyone, instead of striving to appeal to specific preferences.
Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S8+の製品仕様Galaxy S8 : 148.9 x 68.1 x 8.0 mm, 155g /GalaxyS8+ :159.5 x 73.4 x 8.1 mm, 173g
プロデューサーMinseok Daniel, Kang
ディレクターMin-Hyouk, Lee
デザイナーMobile Design Team
Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S8+のデザインについてOneness
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことWe started designing S8 with the goal of breaking away from familiarity. We questioned the essence of a smartphone considering usability and we have found that "display" was the true essence of a smartphone. As a display-focused device, we believed that we needed to enhance the "immersive viewing experience". We left only what is necessary for usability and eliminated the rest. Furthermore, with the smartphone being a handheld device essential for everyday use, we focused on finding a natural, ergonomic design & balance to deliver a visually unobtrusive look and an ideal grip.
ユーザーの使いやすさや商品の親切さの向上のためにデザインが特に取り組んだ事項We facilitated the use of the handset with an iris scanner, front camera, fingerprint sensor, and Bixby Voice. Although there was no question about the necessity of these features, they did not need to be visually recognizable. In other words, users would only need to intuitively perceive that they are using a single device, not a complex assemblage of technologies. Extraordinary technology serves as an innovative silhouette of the device as well as gives users extended experiences.
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