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Indoor air quality monitoring device


Acer Inc.



Acer Air Monitorの概要To improve health, comfort and productivity for human is the mission of Air Monitor. It will safeguard users and beloved ones well-being by providing real-time air quality information and remote tracking on indoor air quality. It also guides users to improve environment by instruction and automation. Moreover, its decorative design has perfectly fit in your home decoration. It is very intuitive to show 5 different color for 5 levels of air quality. Third, voice control through Amazon echo is the most human and intuitive way to interact with Air Monitor.
Acer Air Monitorの製品仕様106 x 115 x 44.5mm
プロデューサーAcer Inc.
ディレクターAcer Inc.
デザイナーAcer Inc.
Acer Air MonitorのデザインについてHealth. Human. Intuitive.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことA) People spend much time indoor but we are not aware of the air quality: 80% of time which we spend indoors in every day life. Poor indoor air quality can cause or contribute to headache, allergies, the development of infections, respiratory diseases, chronic diseases, and even stroke and other complications and other phenomena. B) Many people died from bad indoor air pollution: More than 4 million of people die because of bad indoor air quality in 2012 based on WHO report. People spend much time staying indoor every day, and inhale around 12,600 L indoor air, and indoor air quality is 2~5 times worse than outdoor air quality. Considering both reasons, we decide to launch this kind of indoor air monitoring device.
ユーザーの使いやすさや商品の親切さの向上のためにデザインが特に取り組んだ事項We design this product to enhance peoples health, comfort and productivity. And, we try to make it more intuitive and more human. A. INTUITIVE : 1) it is equipped with 5 different color of LED lighting, so that users can know the air quality just see the lighting. 2) Breathing LED light will show specific color with specific breathing cycle according to air quality index, and the frequency of LED lighting follows the breathe rhythm of people. C) Air quality in map view will give users more insight. B. HUMAN: 1) its ID design perfectly fit in home decoration. 2) voice control Air Monitor is a very human and intuitive way to interact with devices. 3) Comfortable at Night. Light sensor automatically turn off LED lighting. 4) Fan-less design provides a quiet environment
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