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AirLumba ToGo (Toyota Genuine Accessories)の概要AirLumba ToGo is an innovative back support with Air Motion Technology enhancing back health while sitting in a car.Its presence makes an ordinary car seat become a seat customized for each individuals back contour, filling the gap between the back & the seat, further reducing muscle strain. It maintains healthy S-shape curve of spine. The air inside AirLumba ToGo naturally moves when leaning forward (deceleration) or backward (acceleration) promoting dynamic body-weight sharing between spine & muscle. Both driver & passengers are strongly recommended to enhance healthy sitting in car.
AirLumba ToGo (Toyota Genuine Accessories)の製品仕様Weight 0.5 lbs.
プロデューサーMr.Tongchai Limpaitoon
ディレクターMs.Yosara Limpaitoon
デザイナーMr.Teerachai Limpaitoon
AirLumba ToGo (Toyota Genuine Accessories)の開発・企画についてPrimary concerns for Automotive product design is utility, durability and safety; yet, product appearance should be allied with vehicle design as well. Hence, AirLumba ToGo is well designed with selection of colors and curve design which can be properly fit on universal car seat design while giving benefits of safety, maximum comfort & dynamic support to promote users healthy driving lifestyle.
AirLumba ToGo (Toyota Genuine Accessories)のデザインについてAirLumba ToGo is an biomechanically-sound designed air bladder to naturally promote correct sitting posture and allows dynamic body weight sharing between spine & muscles through continuous movement.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことLifestyle changes. People tends to sit longer, without appropriate movement, resulting in back pain problems in younger & younger age. An ideal comfortable car seat must be the one exclusively designed from real understanding of body nature and customized for each individual back contour & move. Airlumba ToGo is created to be conveniently added on any car seat & turn the seat to be the ideal one.
AirLumba ToGo (Toyota Genuine Accessories)はその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したかIts impossible to make a one-seat-fits-all when everyones back contour is different, simply because foam is static & shaped in a fixed form. Thats exactly why we use air. Its dynamic & can optimally support different contours. The worst thing you can do to your back is to put it in a bad posture & keep it still. The air bladder design of AirLumba ToGo can ergonomically corrects your sitting posture & allows for dynamic body-weight sharing between your spine & muscles through continuous motions. All of which requires no electricity. No more tying ugly straps around seat, or having a pillow that moves side ways everytime you get in & out of your car.Simply attach the hanger to the headrest, adjust it once & you are all set to go. AirLumba ToGo is US patented technology.
ユーザーの使いやすさや商品の親切さの向上のためにデザインが特に取り組んだ事項Back pain gradually becomes another social problem. We would like to promote healthy back community via the products carefully designed from the real understanding of back nature & enhance healthy lifestyle. By using our product, users can realize how to correctly sit up straight as well as move their back naturally & apply the healthy movement to promote their back health in other lifestyles.
どこで購入できるか、どこで見られるかAuthorized Toyota Dealers in Thailand (Domestic purchase), TMAP-EM (for Toyota overseas purchase)、Authorized Toyota Dealers in Thailand for Toyota AirLumba ToGo (Toyota Genuine Accessories models)、Central Department Stores & Central Online Shopping for AirLumba ToGo (Non-Toyota model)
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