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Applying minimal design way of thinking to solve problem between small space and more functions. Small space for young people, that is a social issue in HongKong faces directly. The good point of this design is using suitable design for individual needs. It lets small space having much functions like a "mission impossible" comes true. It also plays positive role to promote small residential design in HongKong.

Small Home Smart Homeの概要Andy and Michelle acquired a 28 square metres flat in Central, Hong Kong, but the small home size did not stop the couple from dreaming big. For their new home, the couple wanted a large kitchen, a bathtub, a home cinema, a gym, guest bedrooms, cat friendly spaces and plenty of storage. The couple decided to invest in a super-efficient design as the soaring property price in Hong Kong made spacious home ownership difficult even for professionals. Engaging time in our design philosophy, LAAB created a transformable home space to achieve the mission impossible.
Small Home Smart Homeの製品仕様28 sqm Microflat for 2 persons & 3 cats
プロデューサーAndy Knight & Michelle Tennant
ディレクターOtto Ng, Ricci Wong, Hang Yip, Kathy Li
デザイナーKenneth Cheung, Zion Chan, Happy Yam, Honley Cheuk, Jason Choi, Venus Kwok, Lee Ka, Hugo Ma, Kinmo Ng, CK Wong, Sian Wong, Phoebe Ng, Catherine Cheng, Kelvin Lam
Small Home Smart Homeの開発・企画についてOur design aims to make micro-living comfortable for people and their pets. To do that, we made the Michelle and Andys home transformable. For example, the bathtub can be converted into a two-tiered seating home cinema, and even a guest bedroom. We also integrated cat-friendly amenities into our design, such ascat run, cat ladder, to accommodate the couples three kittens.
Small Home Smart HomeのデザインについてAdopting the design philosophy Form Follows Time and deploying various modern technology, we designed a transformable home space to accommodate various usages during different time of the day.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことMicro-unit is the only solution to housing problems in hyper-dense global cities such as Hong Kong, but the small home space can also compromise our standard of living. Shifting from a three-dimensional to four-dimensional thinking, our small home smart home design allows small homeowners to get the most out of their apartments without having to compromise comfortable living.
Small Home Smart Homeはその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したかMicro-flat is not new, but this small home smart home project was original as it was designed based on our clients lifestyle. Before the design stage, we talked to our clients to understand their lifestyles and what they wanted to achieve with this apartment. Our clients personality, lifestyle, and special needs (i.e., cat friendly amenities) made our design unique and original. For example, Andy loves to exercise so we designed a TRX home gym for him. Michelle loves to cook so we designed a large kitchen, but also made the space convertible to a huge work space as the couples sometimes work at home. The couples have three cats so we designed cat run, cat ladder and lots of other built-in cat amenities for them.
ユーザーの使いやすさや商品の親切さの向上のためにデザインが特に取り組んだ事項Micro-living is a geo-economic problem in global cities, and its our job as designers to make micro-living comfortable. Through this small home smart home project, we hope to inspire more micro-flat projects that allows small home owners to live their dream lives.
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