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Zenbook 3は、厚さ11.9mm、重さ910gと非常に軽く小さなサイズを実現、Core i7搭載による卓越した性能、10時間の長時間駆動によりユーザーは仕事ではプロフェッショナル性を発揮し、移動中はその軽さを享受するとともに、より快適で自由なライフスタイルを実現することができる。


ASUS Zenbook 3の概要ZenBook 3 is the new generation of the groundbreaking ASUS ZenBook family of high-performance ultraportable laptops. It is impossibly powerful and utterly beautiful. Every single precision component and elegantly crafted detail has been completely redesigned to make it most sophisticated ever, also it features a gorgeous ultra-sleek chassis that is mere 11.9mm thin and weighs only 910g. It incorporates state-of-art components and innovative engineering to deliver outstanding performance and long battery life up to 10 hours, making it the ultimate choice for demanding, on-the-go professionals.
ASUS Zenbook 3の製品仕様296(W)*191.25(L)*11.9(H) mm,0.91(KG)
ASUS Zenbook 3の開発・企画についてBefore the appearance of ZenBook 3, its never an easy thing to balance between the performance and aesthetics of a laptop. thus, ASUS has devoted all efforts to overall integration of techniques, functions and design, to realize a thorough experience for professional users, enjoy lightness during mobility and convey happiness within entertainment, so that they can have better and finer lifestyle.
ASUS Zenbook 3のデザインについてZENBOOK 3 is thin in look, light in weight and with compact composition. Extreme performance in both function and operation. Also with ultimate craftsmanship to show the beauty of mechanical details.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことEven under a light and ultra thin look, ZenBook 3 offers powerful performance, making professionals elegantly execute their work mission at steady pace with easy attitude, reaching a balance between work and life. Combining aerospace-grade aluminum alloy with crafted processing technique, creating delicate richness in texture and quality, users are able to show personal styles at any situation.
ASUS Zenbook 3はその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したかZenBook 3 is crafted by taking 40 painstaking steps to reach perfection, the iconic spun-metal finish has been ungraded to finer texture. Details are enhanced by using diamond-cut technique and a special 2-phase anodizing process to create stunning golden edge highlights. The surface is precision-crafted through Nano coating to reduce dust adhesion for silky feeling. With ZenBook 3s mighty processor inside, engineers invented a liquid-crystal-polymer fan impeller. The warm air is gently routed through hidden vents in the hinge for efficient, serenely quiet cooling even under full load. ASUS also co-worked with audiophile specialists Harman Kardon to produce new ASUS SonicMaster audio technology to bring true surround-sound with cinema-quality realism.
ユーザーの使いやすさや商品の親切さの向上のためにデザインが特に取り組んだ事項ZenBook 3 is renowned for its unique, stunning looks with iconic sleek lines and unibody enclosure - a finish that takes up to 40 painstaking steps to create. Designer plays a tailors role while conceptualizing ZenBook 3, taking metallic body surface as silky fabric with golden edge highlight as outfit accessories like cuff link for men. It perfectly show the spirit and value of craftsmanship.
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