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DIGA - mixing bowlの概要The bowl is designed as both a server and a strainer. The bowl comes with a cap which will rise when the knob at the bottom is twisted. The bowl then acts as a strainer for rinsing vegetables and draining water. When the knob is turned another way, it will shut the drain and the bowl will become a server for salad and more. The non-slip silicone ring helps grip the table securely. It is nice to serve greens and vegetables on the table and in the kitchen.
DIGA - mixing bowlの製品仕様260 x 260 x 130mm
プロデューサーOMMO Co. Ltd.
ディレクターKing Sze, OMMO Co. Ltd.
デザイナーAndrea Ponti, Ponti Design Studio Ltd. + OMMO Co. Ltd.
DIGA - mixing bowlの開発・企画についてDiga is designed to brighten up every day living and tasks, to be fun yet functional and user friendly. Use, disassemble for cleaning are also easy-to-use progress. And the unique shape and function of the bowl adds a touch of fun to every day living, giving the user to experience a sense of surprise when they discover the hidden features.
DIGA - mixing bowlのデザインについてWe need a serving utensil which can be used for washing, draining and serving in a single bowl. Particularly planned seriously to the strainer part so that it can be operated easily by the users.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことWe want to create this product with more than one forms and functions. Customers need a utensil that able to wash, strain and serving in one bowl. The operation must be easy to use and long-lasting. The design needs to be timeless, both aesthetics and functions. The design should give a bit fun on the use. All colors are soft and give it a natural feel.
DIGA - mixing bowlはその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したかThe drain part is the key role of the bowl. When we transform the concept to a real product, we need to functionalise and facilitate it to drain the greens easily, and when we twist the cap counterclockwise, the drain can be sealed tightly.
ユーザーの使いやすさや商品の親切さの向上のためにデザインが特に取り組んだ事項Diga was designed with a universal and minimalist approach. A product that each individual will feel comfortable using in their own way. We wanted to strike a balance between form and function, simple and complex, essential and optional.
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