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ZenWatch 3は使用者の生活に彩りを添える便利なウエアラブル端末である。




ASUS ZenWatch 3の概要ZenWatch 3 is an elegant and exquisite wearable device for a better digital life. It is crafted with stainless steel via delicate treatments as a timeless mechanical watch with a pure circular Watch image from case to face by its unique Lug and layering design to create worlds thinnest smart watch that ensures functionality whilst augmenting the stylish appearance. Precisely polished edges reinforce the ergonomic curves for the most seamless fit. Curved glass gives a better touch experience. The customized strap design keeps it united with optional straps to offer the best wearing experience.
ASUS ZenWatch 3の製品仕様ZenWatch3 dimension: 45mm (diameter), 9.95mm~10.6mm(thick), weight: 70g
ASUS ZenWatch 3の開発・企画についてZenWatch 3 keep the balance of fashion and function, It served as a Smart Companion for better digital life with intuitive interaction by introducing 3 physical crown as an instant button, and a speaker allowing better vocal interaction. It also features a magnetic power connection for users convenience and extra Power Bank for longer usage time. It also offers more options on customization.
ASUS ZenWatch 3のデザインについてFor being a better wearable device, ZenWatch 3 take a purely circular design to reinforce real watch style then invite user to wear and perfectly combines digital convenience with personal style.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことZenWatch3 succeed the reputation from previous 2 generations on continuing the legacy yet getting beyond. We believe the key of a successful wearable device is the one users actually want to wear, It is why we introduce a purely circular design from watch face to case to reinforce real watch style and invite user to wear without hesitate at different occasions, or like to match their attire.
ASUS ZenWatch 3はその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したか1.Special made curvy glass perfect fit the movement of users finger for smother touch control experience.2.A unique lug design not only cover the extra component of a fully circular penal, also serves as the first part of the strap to reinforce its purely circular watch case. 3.It features 3 physical crowns to be instant buttons to keep analog operation for users convenience. 4.It features a speaker allowing better vocal interaction. 5.Easier charger: magnetic power connection with cable organizer for users convenience, connect without thought. 6.We create a worlds first external Power Bank to increase usage time which is most users concern about and no competitor can solve this problem. The power bank is actually a power back that perfect fit watch as an extra back cover on watch.
ユーザーの使いやすさや商品の親切さの向上のためにデザインが特に取り組んだ事項In terms of the approach mention above, we tend to deliver a real watch style with fine watch craftsmanship to be a premium timeless mechanical watch instead of electronic watch. Defining a new product identity for ASUS wearable device which is a watch in the first place. We need a unique and outstanding design that fully interpreting our philosophy on what wearable device should be.
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