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DinFi Condiment Setの概要The design concept of DinFi Condiment Set is derived from Thai local wisdom that people lives blend with nature. Implementing the nature method to prevent food from annoying ants is this design inspiration. Besides, this DinFi Condiment Set is designed to save a top dining table space by transforming the set from ordinary horizontal form to vertical stack. Furthermore, these materials used in this design can be easily classified for recycle process. Lastly, this design is chemical free ant prevention which is suitable for food.
DinFi Condiment Setの製品仕様W60XD60 cm (Dimension of table Space for exhibiting whole set)
プロデューサーDinFi Company Limited
ディレクターSkarl Thampirak (DinFi Co., Ltd. )
デザイナーTan Pitiyanuwat
DinFi Condiment Setの開発・企画についてSustainable concept is the main idea of this product. 1 Reduce: Designing the condiment set concerned how to use natural ways for food prevention. The aim is to reduce the chemicals that make environmental problems. 2 Recycle: All the materials used in the design are eco materials. Each part of the product is able to separate into individual materials in order to facilitate the recycling system.
DinFi Condiment SetのデザインについてImplementing Thai local wisdom to prevent food from ants is this design inspiration. Besides, this product is designed to save a top dining table space by setting a vertical stack form.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことSaving space and product identity creating (implementing Thai wisdom) are currently market trend. This product is planned to lunch to domestic market by selling at Thai leading department stores. For international market, this product is planned to exhibit at international trade fairs and to post on DinFi Website. The targeted customers are oriental styled projects, shops, and hotels.
どこで購入できるか、どこで見られるかDinFi Ltd. 30/115 Moo 1, Chetsadawithi Road, Khok Kham, Muang, Samut Sakhon 74000 THAILAND、DinFi Company Limited
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