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Glass-Bottle Health Food


Korea Ginseng Corporation


홍삼과 녹용을 혼합한 본 제품은 고가의 제품 답게 여러가지 디테일에 신경을 썼다. 큰병 한병이 아니라 작은 두병으로 나누어 가정과 사무실 두곳에서 먹을수 있게 하고, 그래픽에서는 고귀하다는 의미로 궁궐을 상징화하고, 병뚜껑에서는 임금이 드셨다는 약탕기의 형태를 모티브로 만들었다. 한국의 하이엔드 제품으로 외국인들에게 관심이 있을듯 하다. 紅参と鹿茸(鹿の若角)が入っているこの製品は高価であるだけに、さまざまなディテールに力が入っている。




Cheon- Nok-Samの概要Cheon-NoK-Sam is made from the careful selection of healthy dear antlers reared in the clean environment, based on the wisdom of traditional Korean medical prescriptions and the technology and care of Korea Ginseng Corp. This is a very special antler product customized to people who hope for a healthy life full of vitality.
Cheon- Nok-Samの製品仕様180g * 2 Glass Bottles
プロデューサーJong Lim Lee (KGC)
ディレクターMoon Young Park (KGC)
デザイナーKi Chon Kang (KGC) , Jin Young Byun (KGC)
Cheon- Nok-Samの開発・企画についてConsiderations : "Cheon-Nok-Sam" is representative of premium health supplement product and bring to people with healthy life full of vitality. Cheon-nok-sam is expected to be exported to Japan, China, Southeast asian countries, as well as other Western countries
Cheon- Nok-SamのデザインについてCheon-nok-sam Concept "More Valuable over time"Cheon-nok-sam, Heavenly bestowed Deer Antlers and Korean Red Ginseng are well combined in a single product. It improves your vigor and vitality.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことAsia market is becoming as the key market in worlds health food market. Also South Korean Premium health supplement product market continues to growing and showing seperated with regular in the market.Regarding to premium health supplement product is growing up repidly, KGC realised they need a new brand for the premium health food market.
Cheon- Nok-Samはその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したか@Brand Name : Cheon-Nok-Sam, which has the meaning that heavenly bestowed Deer Antlers and Korean Red Ginseng are well combined in a single product. @Package design : By designing package concepts as the precious restorative devoted to the king, the shape and texture of korean traditional pots are reinterpreted to a modern savor by using the wood with simple lines and feeling of nature. Also, the historical value is particularly highlighted in modern way by using the "Cheon-Nok-Sam" BI embodying the traditional handwriting style from the Korean royal court and iconic image of th royal palace.
ユーザーの使いやすさや商品の親切さの向上のためにデザインが特に取り組んだ事項Cheon-Nok-Sam is a health food. So it has been considered a few things. First of all, in order to overall design well with each visual elements such as the shape of bottle, caps texture, and color, and BI design. Also making good harmony with wood package and bottle.
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