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Smart WLAN Solutionの概要The WLAN manager is a wired/wireless network management solution. The administrator can efficiently monitor network conditions using the Web or a smartphone anywhere and anytime. The MAP View UI is used to easily identify the causes and locations of various network errors. Information can be viewed on the terminal and location of individual users on the network. This can be used to block unapproved access and provide appropriate information and services to individual users. It allows the provision of optimal services in consideration of the corporate environment.
Smart WLAN Solutionの製品仕様[PC & Mobile Applications] 1. WEM: Wireless Enterprise WLAN Manager2. WEC: Wireless Enterprise WLAN Controller3. WES: Wireless Enterprise WLAN Security4. AceMAN Client (Android Application)
プロデューサーYounghoon Cho Senior Manager Enterprise Marketing Group Samsung Electronics
ディレクターSi Hyoung Lee Principal Designer Network Design GroupSamsung Electronics
デザイナーSi Hyoung Lee Principal Designer, Soojung Kim Designer, Jung Go Senior Designer, Hoon Cho Senior Designer, Seoeun Park Designer Network Design Group Samsung Electronics
Smart WLAN Solutionの開発・企画についてMajor functions are executed by going through several setting processes, such as, network error fix and settings change. The layout was designed in a way that data input and its flow goes smooth. Major system error alert and pop-up messages are displayed in a way of not interrupting administrators.
Smart WLAN SolutionのデザインについてDiverse information provided by the network management solution is designed for users to understand it with their visual sense in an easy way.
Smart WLAN Solutionはその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したかAlarm notification - Information that need quick solutions, including network error alarm, is arranged in a way that users can easily spot it, without causing inconveniences to its everyday use.Dashboard - On the dashboard that monitors the overall network, the administrators can lay out the information to ones taste. The font and colors were designed to verify the overall situation and specific details in order.Command input - When changing the setting that can make an important impact on the system, the content of the parameters on the input screen are designed to be well displayed; Commands are categorized by the degree of impact they have; Higher level commands must go through more complex security procedures to lower the possibility of the administrator making mistakes.
ユーザーの使いやすさや商品の親切さの向上のためにデザインが特に取り組んだ事項A solution that supports the users physical environment in various ways. Responsive Design-The HTML5-based fluid layout allows the solution to be used, regardless of the various platforms and resolution of the device. Color theme-The color theme was developed by taking into consideration the eye fatigue of the administrator, who has to use the device for long periods of time.
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