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lightwellの概要Lightwell intends to create a new style of buildings between natural and artificial landscapes.Lightwell is situated in a flourishing area on ZhongXiao East Road, which breaks the stereotype of low and subdued arcade space.In Lightwell, changes of climate can be observed; the air flows from the ground up to the sky like saluting to Heaven, a way of communication between people.It also connects the heaven, the world, the ground for the true nature relationship of indirectness, interval, and intermediary.
lightwellの製品仕様Area: 361 square meters/ Architectural Area: 277.54 square meters/ Sum. of Floor Area: 3947.47 square meters/levels: two level underground & thirteen floors above ground/ Height: 45.05m
プロデューサーClient : Xing Fu Cheng Construction & Development Company /Developer : Peng Yao Construction Company
ディレクターArchitect Wen Sheng Lee
デザイナーWen Sheng Lee Architects & Planners: Huei Ping Chen, Shin Ming Tsai, Yin Ching Tsao, Tsu Chiang Lee
lightwellの開発・企画についてThe Client not only desired to create a residence with outstanding quality of living but also to create a unique space for pedestrians in this urban setting.
lightwellのデザインについてTo remind people the relationship between people and the nature can be as true during the period of sunrise and sunset, and to epitomize the harmonious relationship between humans and architecture.
lightwellはその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したかLightwell has ushered in a whole new pedestrian experience for the public, but on a private property."Lightwell" borrows a landscape from the heaven by brining light, air, rain, wind, starlight into the arcade. It also supports the balance between sensibility and rationality.The traditional Taiwanese arcade is typically straight with dim lights; Lightwell instead, changed it into vertical vision without the same frequency.In the daytime, passersby perceives the atmosphere of the light and/or raindrops; at night, the lights on the facade pulse rhythmically, flowing like stars to dance on the high textured wall, thus creating a calming and serene vista for pedestrians, which remind us the relationship between people and the nature can be as true during the period of sunrise and sunset.
ユーザーの使いやすさや商品の親切さの向上のためにデザインが特に取り組んだ事項Lightwell perfectly represents my design philosophy- the combination of nature, people-oriented thinking, incorporating the emphasizing the subtle details of the inner character and pursing innovative design.I tailor-made the design details of Lightwell to improve the design of arcade and to develop a meaningful and playful space for the urban dwellers.
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著作権利者:(C)JIDPO GOOD DESIGN AWARD [ G-Mark Library ]