M4580 series



Mono Laser Multi-Function Printer


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M4580 seriesの概要Mono laser multi-function printer ensures high quality printing with its easy and efficient use in the office. The high performance printer is built on the Split design concept: where complex equipment and paper tray are classified as storage; and, interface for operation is ergonomically represented. The 10.1" touch LCD, run on Android OS applications, offers a more convenient environment to mobile friendly users.
M4580 seriesの製品仕様530(w)x459.5(d)x649(h)mm, 35kg
プロデューサーKyeong-Joo Kim Assistant Manager, Printer Product Planning Group Samsung Electronics
ディレクターEung-yul Lee Principal Designer Printer Design Group Samsung Electronics
デザイナーJong-Kyu Kim Senior Designer, Kwang-Hyuck So Assistant Designer, Seung-wook Jeong Principal Designer Printer Design Group Samsung Electronics
M4580 seriesの開発・企画についてCompatible frame and engine module of existing models are used in manufacturing the product. Touch screen based on smart UX is provided for a better user environment. Through such efforts, the product secured product competitiveness with its improved capability and reasonable price.
M4580 seriesのデザインについてThe design concept of the product is Split, which means that the ergonomic factors are applied to the Interface area, and the complex equipment and paper tray is categorized as storage.
M4580 seriesはその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したかFor mobile friendly users, the developers adopted the 10.1" touch LCD control panel UI built on Android OS applications, the first of its kind among OA products. The device provides a sensational feedback by using the haptic technology so that panel can be adjusted up and down from a universal design perspective and to address the concerns of the users over the difficult use of the devise, in addition to the large clear screen. By adopting the smart UX, together with the products functions, the product is perceived as a whole new concept of OA product in a market where function comes first before others.
ユーザーの使いやすさや商品の親切さの向上のためにデザインが特に取り組んだ事項The printer was built under the design goal of "Shift from Function to User". Users can intuitively use the product because it is clearly separated into two parts, interface for operation and storage for paper, by color and formative structure. Also, the colors are carefully chosen so that it is in harmony with the office environment.
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