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Washing machine GUI T4923V0Zの概要1. Interaction Concept: Nature Interface& InteractionWe metaphorized natural images reminding us of washing, such as water drops, wind and sunlight, to express the cleanliness and pleasure of washing clothes. 2. Graphic Style: The cycle icons similarities to actual laundry simplify the understanding of washing cycles, and the user guide used clothes tags as metaphors to graphically visualize the critical points.3. Scenario & Contents: We designed a scenario in which Smart Access, Qvoice and Cycle Download make it possible to remotely control the washing machines with the smartphone app.
プロデューサーJeonghwa Yang/ Senior Designer (Interaction design team, Home Appliance design lab.)
ディレクターJina Lee/ Designer (Interaction design team, Home Appliance design lab.), Jeongin Park/ Assistant designer (Interaction design team, Home Appliance design lab.)
デザイナーYoujin Lee/ Designer (Interaction design team, Home Appliance design lab.), Eungyeong Kwon/ Designer (Interaction design team, Home Appliance design lab.)
Washing machine GUI T4923V0Zのデザインについて「身体・人間」の視点からみて、応募対象が提供できること
We used positive colors to deliver the clean and clear feeling of washing clothes, and Natural Images, e.g. water drops, sunlight and wind, and Natural Interaction, so users are comfortable and in a positive frame of mind.
We proposed a customized design that allows users to edit and save frequently used washing cycles, and download new cycles in addition to the basic ones. The smart control function enables users to conveniently control the washing machine by selecting washing cycles anytime and from anywhere, and using voice control for enhanced user convenience.
Now we are living in the Touch Screen age! We see no reason washing machines should be any different, so the touch screens added convenience and functionality have now been integrated into our washing machine. Instead of a confusing array of physical buttons on the front of the washing machine, users can now perform all operations on an easy-to-read 7-inch screen.
The smart function conserves natural resources by detecting the weight of laundry so the amount of detergent, washing time, and number of rinses are automatically configured. When the smart saving function is used, the washer automatically checks when electricity is cheapest and recommends the best time to do laundry.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことRefined and neat touch LCD optimized for user convenienceWe struck a balance between functionality and beauty so users tired of household chores now benefit from an intuitive and convenient washing machine with refined sensibility. Complicated and cumbersome to operate buttons have been replaced with a user-friendly LCD display that clearly communicates needed information with reliable feedback.
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