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CleverLevelの概要CleverLevel – a level detection sensorWith the CleverLevel, Baumer has developed a truly clever alternative to vibrating fork level switches. Design and functionality come together to create real value for customers. On the top of the polished stainless steel housing are recesses which provide for a 360 degree view of the integrated blue LED output indicator. These recesses are designed to prevent the adherence and collection of fluids and bacteria, making the sensor suitable for food production. The output is visible through the LED display even if the sensor is installed on high tanks.
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デザイナーR&D Department Baumer A/S
CleverLevel series offers the customer what he always has been looking for: One single sensor to master all tasks in level detection. Simply “ install- and-go“, without any complex configuration. Another product benefit: CleverLevel is free from maintenance. Not to be cleaned from adhesions, it will ease the job of the maintenance team.
CleverLevel even further excels by user friendliness. The bright blue LED provides immediate and clear information on the current system activity status. The compact stainless steel design and the space-saving PEEK sensor tip makes installation in narrow pipes as easy as snapping your fingers. And the plastic sensing tip is insensitive to soiling which makes measuring errors belong to the past.
Most diverse industries such as chemical / pharmaceutical and lab technology benefit from CleverLevel. Detection errors in the fill level belong to the past. The CleverLevel capabilities ensure convenient, precise and simple level detection free from maintenance for later easy evaluation by analysis software FlexProgrammer.
One application field is the food and beverage industry. Here, it takes over significant control tasks such as dry run protection at pumps or overflow protection in tanks. Breweries for example very much appreciate the CleverLevel capabilities for efficient management of main resources like yeast and alkaline solution, which is now without any loss of production otherwise caused by foam adhesion.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことFill level detection in tanks and containers, for example in the food and beverage industry, used to be by conventional vibrating forks. However, adhesion of food and solids often entailed wrong measuring results. It was our objective to find an intelligent alternative technology which is not impaired by adhesion of foam or other media.
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