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N9000 (Semi Street Racing Tire)の概要N9000 is the Max Performance high-end tire of Semi Street Racing. It is aimed for the high- speed driving mania and its design is inspired by the shape of lightning Z. N9000 has an excellent driving performance at the speed over 300km/h with high technology.1. The innovative functional design focusing on essential nature. (an idea from lightning)2. 5-10 times upgraded electric conductivity against the existing product by using the world’s first environment friendly Nano-special compound3. Applying the high-tech designing technology (OBCS/OCCS)
プロデューサーHyun-bong, Lee
ディレクターSeung-il, Choi
デザイナーSeung-il, Choi_Min-woo, Kim_Tae-nyun, Kim
N9000 (Semi Street Racing Tire)のデザインについて「身体・人間」の視点からみて、応募対象が提供できること
1. 5-10times upgraded electric conductivity against the existing product / the emission of static produced inside the vehicle. 2. The prevention of sudden acceleration incidents caused by the malfunction of electronic brake system.
1. N9000 helps drivers the best drive with improved grip feeling in high speed race. 2. After the launch, some users leave steering wheel turned when parking to show the essential design of N9000.
The development and application of the world’s first environment friendly Nano- special compound. 1. The maximization of the productive efficiency and the innovative reduction of development term by omitting Chimney process. 2. The increase of electric conductivity and thermal conductivity / innovation in this industry by diminishing the tire weigh.
1. The improvement of fuel efficacy by diminished compound -> saving customers on the cost of oil. 2. The emit of the heat from block easily by thermal conductivity improved compound / enhanced mileage of rubber block.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことN9000 is a satisfying tire for the sensuous young generation.It gives users the best driving performance at high speed. In fact, after the launch, some users leave the steering wheel turned out when parking to show the essential design of N9000.The stylish design of N9000 upgrades distinct identity of the users.
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