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F9J (L-05E)の概要We started F9J(L-05E) based on the design concept of Water Drop, representing a transparent drop of water landed on a soft surface. For this, we used 2.5D Glass to realize the image of Water Drop, and tried to provide differentiated image with Front Touch Key made of real metal. The body that feels soft provides comfortable grip to the user while the metal frame on the side gives luxurious images. Elements such as lens, flash, IRDA on the back are arranged in the camera window to highlight simplicity and stylishness of F9J(L-05E).
プロデューサーHyun Lee/ Principal Designer (PRM Design Team, Mobile Communication Design Lab.)
ディレクターHong-kyu Park/ Chief Designer (PRM Design Team, Mobile Communication Design Lab.)
デザイナーDo-young Park/ Junior Designer (PRM Design Team, Mobile Communication Design Lab.)
F9J (L-05E)のデザインについて「身体・人間」の視点からみて、応募対象が提供できること
F9J(L-05E) has separated the front key part for both uniqueness and convenience. The soft surface and material provide comfortable grip, and give new emotional experience to the user.
The differentiated front key, simplicity and stylishness of F9J(L-05E) will serve as the emotional media that allow the user to feel a new type of emotion and deliver their own identity.
In order to apply the Metal Key at the bottom of front to F9J(L-05E), which no other devices never had, we developed Inlet(Metal decor) based touch key for differentiation. The antenna still stays functional but has the optimized Metal Key for totally new images.
F9J(L-05E) is the result of our effort to make F9J(L-05E) serve as not just a functional smartphone, but also the media that provides the user to with emotional values, as well as letting them create their own by giving a new type of emotion to the user.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことIn the modern society, a product is not just a provider of a certain function, but also serves as media to deliver new sensibility to the user. Smartphone, generally considered as a convenience and one of the most closely related to our daily life, need to be approached as an emotional media that wakes up sensibility of the user and lets the user express it the way they want.
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