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Optimus G Pro (F240)の概要Full HD smartphone with focus on the product’s values and improved usability of 5.5” large screen. The design aims to fulfill the needs of users who want a larger screen but also want to operate the device with one hand only. Rather than the “Business Look” of older models, the overall appearance emphasizes on “Sexy” and “Smart” aspects.While all the details are maintained, but the phone doesn’t look overwhelmingly complicated and also provides comfortable grip, thus providing new values and fun enjoyable on one hand even with the large screen.
プロデューサーYoung-ho Kim/ Design Expert (Platform Design Team, Mobile Communication Design Lab.)
ディレクターHyung-gon Ryu/ Chief Designer (Platform Design Team, Mobile Communication Design Lab.)
デザイナーYoo-shin Ahn/ Senior Designer (Platform Design Team, Mobile Communication Design Lab.)
Optimus G Pro (F240)のデザインについて「身体・人間」の視点からみて、応募対象が提供できること
One of the biggest screens in the smartphone market that can be operated with one hand only Comfortable grip is provided on a 5.5” screen device, along with soft feel on the surface and durable appearances
5.5” screen provides the “biggest” fun that can be had with one hand only so that the user can enjoy movie, music or games on the large screen anywhere and anytime.
The “Sparkling Illusion Pattern“ has been the opportunity to develop new technologies in terms of mold and injection, and save cost by applying to mass production.
The design aims to provide universal usability - anyone can comfortably enjoy the internet-enabled phone with large screen.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことThere are numerous products out there focusing on the design that aim to make our lives more comfortable, more convenient and more abundant. And our belief is that the designers have to concentrate on details, shape and usability of the product they design so that it can be properly used in line with the original purpose.
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