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Optimus G Pro (L-04E)の概要Minimalism design with soft surface and refined multi CMF ruled out overly decorative elements to provide innate beauty of full HD screen to the user. The world-first 4 side laser etching technology is applied to the 5" full HD LCD screen, but the size has been minimized for perfect constructive unity as if the unit is sharply carved with a knife, and the metallic details give refined but moderated and luxurious appeal.
プロデューサーHo-phil Lee/ Principal Designer (System Design Team, Mobile Communication Design Lab.)
ディレクターSeung-Beom Park/ Chief Designer (System Design Team, Mobile Communication Design Lab.)
デザイナーEun-Seok Choi/ Junior Designer (System Design Team, Mobile Communication Design Lab.)
Optimus G Pro (L-04E)のデザインについて「身体・人間」の視点からみて、応募対象が提供できること
Every little details and feels that the user may not notice have been taken into consideration to maximize emotional quality of a smartphone that they use throughout the day, and lightweight from optimizing number of parts minimizes burden from a large screen smartphone on the wrist of the user.
Under the theme of "Small World on my Palm", we made contribution to expansion of visual UX through a full HD smartphone. Innovative low power requirements for a full HD screen maximize battery efficiency, as well as portability and battery life. New UX such as Q voice, Q memo, rainbow indicator, smart remote and etc are applied to eliminate inconveniences that the user may not notice.
Successful implementation of sophisticated 1 part multi CMF with the world-first 4 side laser etching technology allowed overcoming limitations of thickness and construction in design of smartphone, which suggested new directions of implementing side CMF and leading full HD display technology by developing the G2 hybrid LCD.
New parts and post-processing drastically reduced number of parts, and 100% eco-friendly paint minimized harms to environment.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことThe design is about adding a lot to create Small World on my Palm while eliminating as many as we can to make the world as big and wide as possible. Optimus G Pro has all our efforts and considerations for the world to be a happier place to live in.
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