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Liquid Z3の概要Acer Liquid Z3 is an essential compact smartphone with ultra usability and affordability. The Quick Mode UI provides multiple mode settings for different user demands. For elders and youngsters, there is the Senior and Basic mode with easy photo dialing, quick message sending, magnifier, and more essential communication features. The other Classic, Keypad, Default Android modes provide extensive connectivity. Its fast internet browsing and photo shooting capability is first seen in the entry segment. Compact, powerful, trendy, Acer Liquid Z3 is entirely suitable for everyone everywhere.
プロデューサーST Liew
ディレクターSeji Peng
デザイナーDerek Chiang, Wilson Lu
Liquid Z3のデザインについて「身体・人間」の視点からみて、応募対象が提供できること
Acer Liquid Z3 provides ultra usability and affordability for everyday EVERYONE. Quick Mode UI, quick message sending, photo dialing, magnifier and large font size let senior users easily control. Outer flip case and UV anti-scratch coating enhances durability and safety. Compact size with great screen-body ratio, with a selection of trendy colors for mini fashion to perfectly fit in a palm.
Acer Liquid Z3 is the easy way for all families to join the smartphone community and keep in touch. Open communication for ages 7-70 with easy profile UI: Senior, Keypad, Basic, Classic and default Android modes. Suitable for feature phone upgraders to smartphone entry users. Easy transition to the smartphone world via photo dialing, quick message sending, and essential communication features.
Acer Liquid Z3 provides the most compact size of 3.5” display with powerful dual-core processor. Its fast internet browsing and photo shooting capability is first seen in entry segment to drive more mobile internet usage. Better audio experience is also delivered with larger mesh on Acer’s signature receiver curve. This highly cost efficient offering bridges the digital gap between 2G to 3G.
Acer Liquid Z3 is the perfect entry smartphone for feature phone switchers and beginner users. Open up communication throughout communities and society from fast internet browsing and social network connectivity to easy-to-use Quick Mode UI, SMS and touch QWERTY. Especially suitable for areas in transition from 2G to 3G, Acer Liquid Z3 provides a compact, powerful and cost efficient solution.
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