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NB5530の概要This slim speaker is entirely differentiated from the existing bulky unsophisticated and thick TV speakers. To match with the thin TV these days, a 1-inch speaker unit was applied for the first time and the optimum size was implemented. The seamless line concept was focused to highlight the overall simple but attractive product. When it is installed along with the TV on the wall, the stand of the speaker bar can be removed. Also, the separate subwoofer can be connected by wireless and it can be installed neatly in any space and can be used very conveniently.
プロデューサーGang-Ho Woo/ Principal Designer (IT Team, Home Entertainment Design Lab.)
ディレクターJong-Ho Kim/ Chief Designer (Media Team, Home Entertainment Design Lab.)
デザイナーJin-Hee Kim/ Junior Designer (Media Team, Home Entertainment Design Lab.)
By measuring the heights of human’s ears and eyes, we enabled it to send out sound in the correct directions and range and designed its shape to fit to customers’ eye-level of the product.
The sound quality from TV is far from being magnificent or precise. Many customers not satisfied with the sound from TV purchase separate AV equipment. NB5530’s installation scene is very simple and it has the appealing design to customers. Its connectivity to TV and mobile phone via wireless can present the simple life style to customers.
Since it can be simply connected to other devices via Bluetooth or Optical-cable, it can lead to the mutual development with other product manufacturers. In addition, because of the dual-manufacturing both in Korea and China, the close co-work between two countries’ manufacturers was made.
For all parts, the standards for international environment certification for packaging and disposal were observed and the eco-friendly aspect was considered by applying the reusable metal material.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことThe 1-inch Super Slim Speaker is well matched with the Slim Trend of TV and has the optimum condition for usability and space-utilization. We devoted to our initial concept that speakers need to be visibly pleasant on top of its fundamental feature that it should be pleasant to the ears. It is a privilege to humans by the product and also our mission that needs to continue.
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