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NX300の概要The NX300 is a compact-sized mirrorless system camera with a large APS-C image sensor embedded. It features a fast AF and 8.6fps continuous shooting. It enables easy Wi-Fi connection with a single touch, shooting from different angles, and user convenience that is optimized for 3D and 2D videos. This easy-to-carry camera enables even beginners to take impressive, professional pictures and videos.
プロデューサーNyunwoo Nam Manager, Imaging Product Planning Group
ディレクターEuihoon Kim Principal Designer, Imaging Design Group
デザイナーInshik Kim Senior Designer, Advanced Design Team/ Kenji YamauchiPrincipal Designer, Joohyung Lee Senior Designer, Imaging Design Group
[Easy Usability] The tilt screen can be vertically adjusted up to 90 degrees. It enables user to take shots from angles lower than his knees and higher than his height, thus letting the user capture his world from any angle he chooses. The hybrid UI brings together the previous button control and a GUI-based touch control, resulting in intuitive use and scalability.
[Enjoyable, easy smart camera life] As soon as the user takes pictures using the camera, the images are sent to his smartphone. Using his social networking account, he can engage in quick and easy sharing and storage of pictures anywhere and anytime. Using his smartphone, he can share the camera screen and control it. This is useful for group pictures and self shooting.
[High-quality content creator] With almost all senses of human beings, thanks to the sight (lens), hearing (MIC), touch (touch screen), and sense of balance (GPS, Gyro) sensors, this smart camera allows connection with the Internet and between devices. As a high-quality content creator for all digital devices, it will perform important roles in the information industry and society.
[Sustainability] This is not a camera that is like disposable products, which are consumed in a short period as a result of technological development and trends. It is a camera that pursues continued value, remaining in an open ecosystem that consists of various lenses, accessories, and continually supported software.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことWe wanted to create a camera that sports a simple design without any decorative elements, and that delivers the pure, functional beauty of a camera that will be cherished for many years.
どこで購入できるか、どこで見られるかニュースリリース、2013 International CES/PMA@CESイベントバックナンバー、DC.Watch Impress (NX300 Review)
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