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3050 Series (RB29FE)の概要For the exterior, we focused on creating a design that is practical, refined, and sturdy. The recessed handle creates a sophisticated, solid exterior and maximizes efficient use of space. Zero Clearance allows the user to open the door without interference from side walls. For the interior design, we focused on precise implementation of functions and usability, and on consideration for the user. The easily-sliding shelf allows the user to easily check what food items there are, and optimizes food storage and maximizes user accessibility. The freezer box can be fully opened for easy storage.
プロデューサーJinkyu Seon, Principal Engineer, Refrigerator R&D Lab 1, Samsung Electronics
ディレクターHyungyong Choi, Principal Designer, DA Design group, Samsung Electronics
デザイナーYunho Yang Principal Designer, Jangwon Kim Senior Designer, Hyunil Lee Designer, Yunah Seong Designer, Seyoun Park Designer DA Design group, Samsung Electronics
3050 Series (RB29FE)のデザインについて「身体・人間」の視点からみて、応募対象が提供できること
First, the recessed handle creates a sophisticated, sturdy exterior and maximizes efficient use of space. Second, Zero Clearance allows the user to open the door without interference from side walls, reflecting our consideration for different kitchen environments. The freezer box inside easily slides open and can be fully opened, resulting in easy storage and maximized usability.
The refined, sturdy design of the exterior increases the class of the kitchen. The ergonomic, convenient water dispenser and easily-sliding shelf ensure efficient, convenient use, resulting in improvements in the user’s lifestyle.
We enhanced product productivity through standardization. By accomplishing design and frame standardization, we achieved production efficiency at production sites across all bases around the world.
We achieved design and frame standardization to prevent unnecessary product manufacturing and inventories that result from the adoption of different designs across production sites around the world. By accomplishing efficiency across all production sites around the globe, we reduced the number of discarded products, thus contributing to environmental protection.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことWe attempted to create a design that has value in the global market by introducing ergonomic elements. We examined people’s lifestyles in different regions and employed a localized design for each area. We thus made an effort to develop a detailed understanding of users and to reflect our understanding in the design.
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