WF-F500E Series



Washing Machine (Front loader)


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WF-F500E Seriesの概要The F500E is a washing machine that mainly targets Europe. It is a built-in drum washing machine. It is used in the same way as other drum washing machines. What is unique is that touch buttons were employed to create a sense of sophistication. The control panel UI was designed to minimize user’s hand movement for smooth operation. The size of the detergent drawer was increased so that different detergents are not mixed.
プロデューサーSangwook Park, Manager, W/M Product Marketing Part, Samsung Electronics
ディレクターMinhyouk Bu, Principal Designer, DA Design group, Samsung Electronics
デザイナーJinnam Kim Senior Designer, Sanghoon Yoon Designer, Kangdoo Kim Senior Designer, Jaewon Choi Designer, Yunmi Rhee Senior Designer, Taehyoung Cho Senior Designer, DA Design group, Samsung Electronics
WF-F500E Seriesのデザインについて「身体・人間」の視点からみて、応募対象が提供できること
The size of the detergent drawer was increased so that different detergents are not mixed.
We created the eco-bubble technology based on the eco-friendly lifestyle trend of European consumers and actively reflected this in the UI design. The eco-bubble technology delivers an optimal outcome within a short time even without using warm water. This technology thus results in energy-saving effects.
We removed the use of chromium plating, which was basically applied to the door area of other washing machines. We instead adopted double injection molding to bring about innovative change in the washing machine industry. In the design phase, we considered the use of common parts among different models to curtail costs while improving the quality of the product’s exterior.
Metal effects were created using the double injection molding method to remove the chromium plating process. This resulted in a reduction in material costs and increased eco-friendliness.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことDesigners need to also consider eco-friendliness. As such, they need to actively consider new materials or presentation techniques that do not destroy the environment.
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