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Eton Boost Turbine power generatorの概要Boost Turbine is a back-up power source for personal electronics such as a mobile phone. For everyday or emergency use, this battery pack with integrated hand turbine power generator will keep you always charged up, without relying on the grid. Unfold the flush crank handle and turn it to generate power (or plug Boost in to recharge it), then plug in your energy-depleted device to transfer Boost Turbines energy into it. Boost Turbine is an effective, fast, and efficient green power source.
プロデューサーEton Corp.
ディレクターDan Harden
デザイナーDan Harden, Robert Strickler
Eton Boost Turbine power generatorのデザインについて「身体・人間」の視点からみて、応募対象が提供できること
Boost Turbine is very easy to use - fold out the crank handle and turn then plug in a device to transfer power to it. It embodies good ergonomics. It is a compact form factor similar to a phone, secure in the hand when cranking, and fits in a pocket. Press the button and a few LEDs show how much battery charge is remaining.
We combined a battery with a crank dynamo so users could either make their own power while on the go, or plug it in to recharge in preparation for being away from a reliable power grid. With 7.5 billion phones in the world (about the same as the world population) needing a daily charge, this was clearly a product needed by the majority.
Boost Turbine is incredibly tough, made of die-cast aluminum and polycarbonate. The quality of details and quality of fit and finish are extraordinary. This unit feels like a little “machine”.
Boost Turbine combines a battery with a hand crank dynamo, making it ideal for the majority of the world where the power grid is unreliable. Boost Turbine is also an effective, fast, and efficient green power source. One minute of cranking will produce enough power to make a call or send several texts, or if Boost Turbine’s battery is full you can immediately dump all its energy to a device.
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