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LINDBERG Strip 9800の概要LINDBERG technology has made it possible to revitalise the combi eyeglasses style, now so popular in the era of 1950’s retro style statements.LINDBERG 9800 Strip designs are exceptionally light and flexible, achieving maximum visual effect with a bare minimum of material. The technology behind the new LINDBERG 9800 series makes it possible to mount delicate, lightweight acetate components without any use of screws, adhesives or other mechanical mounting techniques. The line is customizable to individual tastes and preferences and currently includes 10 models and more than 20 colours.
プロデューサーLINDBERG Design Team
ディレクターLINDBERG Design Team
デザイナーLINDBERG Design Team
LINDBERG Strip 9800のデザインについて「身体・人間」の視点からみて、応募対象が提供できること
The Strip 9800 eyewear line is customizable to every individual face, both in terms of temple length and curve of the temple end and the nose pads, which comes in five different variations. This results in an extreme comfort no matter the wearer’s bone structure and face proportions.
LINDBERG Strip 9800 is one of our most fashion-forward lines for the trend-conscious wearer, which does not only want a comfortable quality frame but also wants an accessory to complement his or her individual style.
The upper surfaces of the new LINDBERG 9800 Strip design are distinguished by the more pronounced curves of the eyebrow lines, along with unique acetate/lens/titanium sandwich detailing typical of the technical refinements for which LINDBERG has made its name
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