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2012 Smart Hubの概要Smart Hub is a gateway to connecting and discovering a wide range of TV contents and services. Users can continue to view contents while downloading an app or searching for new contents. Smart Hub also provides easy access to premium VOD and Signature Services (Fitness Service, Edu Service, etc.) for all family members. The Smart Hub home may also be customized to reposition apps and change the background imagery as the users see fit.
プロデューサーSamsung Electronics, Biz Development Group Hyeong Ahn
ディレクターSamsung Electronics UX Planning Group Yong-Hwan Kwon
デザイナーSamsung Electronics UX Planning Group Misu Jung, Hee-Jeong Bae, Yoojin Choi, Wooseok Hwang, Kwanmin Lee
2012 Smart Hubの開発・企画についてサステナブル社会(持続可能な社会)の実現に向けて、応募対象が取り組んだこと
As a device intended for families, consideration was made to strengthen emotional ties among family members by providing a variety of services that are suitable for various family members. This matter was taken into account when deciding on the arrangement and accessibility of the services. We created a design that can be expanded in tandem with the continued addition of contents and services.
2012 Smart Hubのデザインについて「身体・人間」の視点からみて、応募対象が提供できること
Users no longer passively view content. They now actively use content. They can view whatever they want on TV, including their own ‘stories’ and contents.
The various application services that are suitable for the TV enable use of more diverse, rich contents. Smart TVs encourage users to share content rather than simply watch TV, thus functioning as a TV enjoyed together with others.
Smart TVs do not mainly show broadcasts. This is why there is a need for development of application services and more diverse contents that are suitable for the TV.
Performing a central function in the living room, the TV is expanding in the functions it covers and can provide. This means that the TV can be used for a wider variety of purposes and that there are greater opportunities for use of the TV together with family members and others. This contributes to emotional, cultural exchange among members of society.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことThe TV now recognizes users and tries to listen to the user and find what the user wants. Rather than enjoying a passive, TV-viewing experience, users now view desired contents on TV and create stories through it. The TV is no longer a dummy box.
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