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Netcastの概要Home Dashboard : A menu system capable of running any content at once. The ‘Grid Cube Box’ enables the organizing and classifying of various types of content in each category. Smart Share : Content Sharing GUI helps to classify contents in user devices (e.g., a mobile phone, TV, camera, or PC) from the user’s point of view, conveniently allowing content to be shared and watched. Magic Remote Control (MRC) : This new type of a smart TV remote control using a pointing mechanism, offers easy and quick access to TV content through a wheel-gesture pattern and voice recognition.
プロデューサーKunsik Lee
ディレクターJunghoon Son
デザイナーHyungjin Kim, Byunghun Lee, Yeonjoo Joo
- Smart TV Interface with expandability in mind : We proposed a system layout with priority given to expandability so that new applications could be added. - Customized GUI design : We suggested a GUI design allowing contents edition as desired according to tastes of users.
Different from traditional remote controls using a 4-direction control, this NetCast’s input-type remote control uses a pointing mechanism that allows the user to immediately access desired menus and content without having to repeatedly press direction keys. It also features a wheel-gesture pattern and voice recognition technologies to ensure easy and quick access to any content.
Smart share : The ‘Smart Share’ function of NetCast is designed to show all types of content in a device (photos, music, video, etc.) on a smart TV. It uses a user-oriented classification system to offer a seamless user experience.
Magic Remote Control (MRC) : This NetCast’s input-type remote control helps the user conveniently control content and applications on both a common and smart TV. It may also serve as a helpful tool for development of TV applications.
Universal Remote Control (MRC) : MRC integrates all the functions of common remote controls for devices other than a smart TV (e.g., a BD player, home theater, setup box, etc.), which allows for a one-point control of all AV devices in a house.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことFor a smart TV, its interface platforms (e.g., Android-OS, and I-OS) and input methods (e.g., touch screens) have not yet been unified unlike in the smart phone market. Different smart TV manufactures offer different platforms and input methods. In this situation, we have been making an effort to make the NetCast platform and MRC, respectively, a standard smart TV platform and input method.
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