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Range Hood CXW-200-IF7の概要IF7 hood is a kind of side-draft range hood with underlying air duct system. It is stylish and novel. Pure white tempered glass is adopted with strong visual impact effect which could add more style to the kitchen. The negative pressure area is designed in the middle of the hood to ensure that the air is entered into in 360 degree and the smoke is eliminated thoroughly. The intelligent touch switch is available which is convenient for operation and cleaning. Moreover, both delayed shut-off function and child lock protection function are available.
プロデューサーNingbo Oulin Kitchen Utensils Co., Ltd
ディレクターSun Sheng
デザイナーChen Tongjin
Range Hood CXW-200-IF7の開発・企画についてサステナブル社会(持続可能な社会)の実現に向けて、応募対象が取り組んだこと
1. The double-layer aluminum foil duct is adopted which is anti-burning and anti-aging. It is environmental, safe and reliable. 2. The low-power energy-saving motor is adopted which is quiet and smooth. The hood has good suction, low noise and low energy consumption. 3. It adopts 1W cold light lamp with high brightness for lighting which is energy saving and environmental.
Range Hood CXW-200-IF7のデザインについて「身体・人間」の視点からみて、応募対象が提供できること
The fan system adopts the Archimedes spiral principle with the advantage of great suction and low noise. It could remove the smoke thoroughly which is environmental and healthy. The panel is very convenient for disassembling and cleaning. Four-separation technique could help to separate the smoke thoroughly which is environmental and healthy and could satisfy the cooking habits of Chinese people.
1. The delayed shut-off function could help with the removing of remaining smoke. 2. Multiple suction choices are available for frying, boiling and steaming and other cooking styles. 3. The one-piece cavity is convenient for cleaning. 4. 45°beveled angle and open design could avoid hitting head of people.
1. The design of 45°beveled angle open planet could highlight the leading position of flat panel and side-draft range hood. 2. The appearance design of pure white tempered glass combining with metal stainless steel decorative edge is novel and fashionable which could provide you with the sense of safety.
The single-layer O-filter is adopted. The hood is flat on the outside and side draft which could completely eliminate the phenomenon of drop and leak of oil through several layers of filtration. The oil smoke could be separated thoroughly and only the smoke is exhausted to the air which is environmental and healthy.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことIt is innovative, stylish, efficient, environmental and energy-saving. Besides, it could greatly reduce the odor. The product highlights the Olin classic aesthetics with good quality. The design philosophy is technology of the future.
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