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CERESの概要Is brightness the only thing people look for in lights? Ceres attain a perfectly even distribution of illumination that returns light bulbs to their purest form just like the pure moon we have been longing for. The high quality light brings a visual comfort and complements the quality of home living. The heat dissipating paint on the aluminum body enhances efficiency in heat dissipation, reduces energy consumption from manufacturing. Its small size and full-angle optical design has retained the characteristics of traditional incandescent light bulbs. It is suitable to most lamp types.
プロデューサーWellypower Optronics Corporation
ディレクターChou Hang Yang(Mike Yang)
デザイナーChou Hang Yang(Mike Yang). Yung Mao Lai
The lamp body made of stamped aluminum enjoys lightweight and sturdiness. Coupled with the special heat-dissipating paint, the effectiveness of heat-dissipation is enhanced while the materials used and recycled are greatly reduced. At the same time of quantity reduction, it also offers users sturdiness and durability through a longer period of time.
Human instinctively leans toward the direction of light. However, our eyes are sensitively weak and will suffer from dizziness under uneven strength of light, causing discomfort and fatigue. Ceres employs the Jet-coating techniques for dispersing agents so the dotted LED would attain perfectly even distribution of illumination that is soft like the moon, bringing a high level of visual comfort.
Ceres enhances the quality of light to a level that is soft and pure, just as the entry of bright moonlight into the room that creates a cozy atmosphere. The hardworking people could wash away their fatigue from a day of work by enjoy the purity and warmth of light. Dedicated to the ultimate attainment of even brightness and small size, it is suitable to every lamp type and easily glorifies them.
Converting the traditional phosphor coating to that with dispersing agent, while making the lightweight and sturdy lamp body of Ceres with the manufacturing process for beverage cans, the currently available technology would be renewed with the new-generation technology, achieving the optimal solution.
The special heat dissipating paint on the lightweight, thin, and sturdy stamped aluminum body speeds up heat dissipation and realizes the heat dissipating structure with a small volume and high performance, which further reduces energy consumption from manufacturing and caters to the needed for reduced amount of materials for eco-friendliness.Mercury-free LED also reduces the burdens to the earth.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことCeres broke through technical constraints to achieve even lighting. We believe that brightness is not the only goal during the development of LED bulbs. Searching for the most harmonious and least burdensome lighting for people will be the means for them to enjoy and reap from the new technology.
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