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PA70の概要Suggesting a new type of ventilation system, we tried to eliminate ventilation holes on the front panel and applied a symbolic, inclined shape. We also tried to reinterpret other functional elements and minimize them to implement an extremely compact image.
プロデューサーJunki Kim
ディレクターMyoungwhoon Lee
デザイナーJongchul Lee, Yoonkyeong Lee
The device can be easily disassembled when scrapped. There are no lead parts in the cables (instead using PVC cable stabilizers) and no heavy metal materials, such as Cd, used in circuit parts, as we considered environmental soundness. We tried to prevent the lifecycle from being shortened by scratches and damage through our simple design focused on strong durability and environmental benefits.
The grouping of button input parts for each function ensures convenient use, and the delicate picture setting function (color temperature, light and shade calibration, color compensation, white balance, etc.) may guarantee picture quality adjustment customized to the tastes of users.
Beyond the traditional usage of a projector, commonly in a business setting, we tried to apply a compact and simple design so that anyone can be immersed into a high-quality movie on a desired screen size and in a comfortable fashion, by simplifying functional aspects.
We suggest the world’s brightest 700ANSI model, which offers the best performance in all the latest portable projectors. We adopted into the compact design an LED light source to eliminate the need to frequently change the projector lamp.
We tried to exclude the use of environmentally hazardous, mercury materials and adopted a LED light source to strictly prevent Dioxin from being produced when PBB or PBDE materials are scrapped. We also did not use bromine fireproof resins in the extrusion process, while using recyclable packaging agents.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことPA70 will hopefully offer innovative values to consumers beyond that of other latest technologies and trends and will lead a sound use environment, through a compact design while excluding unnecessary aspects from the customer’s point of view and taking care of each and every delicate aspect.
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