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2011年度 グッドデザイン賞 受賞




arkの概要This product was inspired by the lines of water sprouts shooting up from water fountains. Lightness and Slimness of overall products look.
ディレクターMr. Anon Pairot
デザイナーMr.Nipitpol Phurichboonsub
This design mostly consists of wood pieces of standard sizes which means that the wood waste from the manufacturing process would be reduced to minimum.
We concern about material such as TEAK wood which is told user about the sense of new element of showering and create a new atmosphere of showering and refresh things of everyday life. Touching of natural between showering and wood, we want to connect those element with mindful feeling and body. This design is concern far more than just showering by rain shower and fit to both in-outdoor.
The urban living is making people far from nature, To pull up the naturalism into users everydays lifestyle, this will make self special and feeling like getting dedicate better quality of life from true natural which has ecology concern. And to bring the new perception of shower experience to users.
Presently, the bathroom is also known that using of synthetic material such as plastic, ceramic, resin, and metal. In the other hand, we would like to present new perception of industry by using TEAK wood which have a lot more value to human mind, and make it able to think beyond for bathroom interior and architect by blending of semi-wood industry and craft sense.
Nowadays, basically bathroom is a common things for humanity, not just only rip off dirty things from everyday life, but we could indicated the hygiene of that society. We selected TEAK wood as the major material because its durable property in outdoor using and having a long life cycle, additionally the design we have mixed craft technique of local facility of craftsmanship.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことWe try to take balance between ecology and industrial, naturalism and modern urban life, long-durable material and low energy production. This shower will not just clean the physical dirty, but we want this natural beauty clean users mind and mood also, just like feeling like spa and bathroom in the same place.
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