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QPT-233の概要Designed for small space, QPT-233, a reflective short throw projector, has a unique design that hides lamp under a lid with a mirror through which the image is projected out, unlike conventional projector whose lamp is exposed exteriorly. With 3000 lumens high brightness, it projects a 78-inch image within just 48.5cm, the best performance among similar products. Put away farther from audience, it spares them the heat and noise problems during presentation. Mounted on the ceiling, it can avoid shadow disruptions for an interruption-free presentation, perfect for business or education market.
プロデューサーQisda Corporation
ディレクターQisDesign/Qisda Creative Design Center
デザイナーQisDesign/Qisda Creative Design Center
It uses recyclable plastics as material to reduce resource waste and energy-efficient lamp for sustainable development.
1. Interference to presentation by presenter blocking the image is avoided via reflective mode. 2. It prevents presenters eyes from direct contact with the projects light, avoiding eye discomfort. 3. It uses plastics without electroplating which might cause damage to human respiratory system. 4. Without having to be put close to audience due to reflective mode, it clears heat or noise issue.
1. A projected image as large as 78 inches brings more multimedia enjoyment. 2. The easy-to-use function keys offer fast and convenient operation. 3. The sleek black body delivers an elegant feel.4. A short throw projector is suitable for business and education markets.
1. It overthrows traditional way of projector design with a form factor, stimulating the industry. 2. Suitable for business and education market, it carves out a new market niche for manufacturers. 3. Short throw is the trend for projector and it is a perfect embodiment of the trend. 4. It offers a better solution for business and education market.
1. Even in a small space it can project a big image, overcoming space limitation. 2. It can project an image as large as 78 inches, allowing more audience to share it. 3. It doesnt use electroplating to prevent toxic air to pollute the air. 4. It uses no paint but water solvent for sustainable development.
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことWith an aim to overcome space limitation for projector, the design breaks through traditional mode of exposing lamp exteriorly. Instead, it uses reflective method by hiding the lamp under a lid with a mirror through which image is projected to a 78-inch image within 48.5cm only. It gives more freedom for user to place the projector in a small room, without causing interference to presentation.
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