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Deux-piecesの概要Highly energy efficient and precise LED spotlight range, unique by its design of two visually separate identical compact volumes. It accurately illuminates objects free from IR and UV. It performs fantastic colour reproduction in a variety of beam patterns with a possibility of choosing essential white colour temperature. Pure design, maintenance-free operation, top quality materials and excellent performance will attract your attention. After 3.000 working hours efficiency is 15% better than HID and 360% better than halogen lamp source of comparable lux level.
プロデューサーIntra lighting d.o.o.
ディレクターDesign Director / Dimitrij Zivec, Intra lighting d.o.o. , Product planning / Roman Heufel, Intra lighting d.o.o.
デザイナーSerge Cornelissen and Robert Cornelissen, Serge Cornelissen bvba, lighting-tool designers
LED based spot with low energy consumption and long lifetime that accurately illuminates objects. Highly efficiency levels as high as 50 lumens per watt. Passive cooling of high-power LED modules. Maintenance-free operation; 50,000-hour service life at 70 % luminous flux.
This precise LED-powered projector gives usability and user-friendliness as well as with its various application possibilities. It performs gentle lighting free from UV or IR and performs fantastic colour reproduction.
Design of two identical compact volumes presents Deux-pieces everlasting design. This product and all its variations are suggestions for new working style. Creativity of given possibilities are changing lifestyle for the near future.
Deux-pieces is solution utilizing new technology and new materials, in the same time contributes to create new industry as well as new directions in design. Aluminium body in white or black finish have built in accurate positioning mechanism with full 360dgs horizontal adjustment and vertical tilt up to 90dgs. It gives a possibility of selection between 3 beam spreads.
Significant energy and CO2 emmisions savings No UV radiation, no need of additional UV filters No IR radiation, all exposed object are safe from inconveniant heat Quick start up Maintenance free
ユーザー・社会に伝えたいことDesigns by Serge Cornelissen are not characterized by a particular recognizable style, as some kind of designers trade mark. Instead, the philosophy is that the field of architectural lighting is just as diverse as architecture itself. Aproach is high lighting quality and innovation.
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