Log & Squirrel



Self watering plant pot


New Arriva Co., Ltd.(Thailand)

2010年度 グッドデザイン賞 受賞


Log & Squirrelの概要Self watering plant pot. A squirrel is an indicator of a water level kept in a pot. A rope plays as an artificial root for a plant.
プロデューサーOner Co., Ltd
ディレクターTeerachai Suppameteekulwat
デザイナーTeerachai Suppameteekulwat
Log & SquirrelのデザインについてEncourage people to grow a plant wherever you are. Get some fresh feeling from a plant and our designed plus color of a pot. Also remind people of living cycle.
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著作権利者:(C)JIDPO GOOD DESIGN AWARD [ G-Mark Library ]