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Energy saving curtainの概要In general, curtain is used for keeping privacy, furnishings, and light blocking. However it still can not protect us from heat and UV.PASAYA has developed its insulated curtain; commercially called Energy-Saving Curtain. By using reflection mechanism that prevents electromagnetic waves, it helps blocking heat and UV from the sunlight. PASAYA Energy-Saving Curtain; proved to be able to reduce the room temperature from 2-4 C (depending on environment) which considerably saves your electricity bill from less use of air conditioner, and also help reducing world energy consumption.It is one of the greatest revolution of furnishing curtain that makes your house perfect for living...Not only beautiful, yet helps save your electricity bill, and global warming.
プロデューサーSchle Wood-Thanan
ディレクターSchle Wood-Thanan
デザイナーSchle Wood-Thanan
Energy saving curtainのデザインについてCurtain is generally used as a material of grace for interior decoration.Other functionalities are hardly considered as important and little development has been made for convincing consumers to pay for.There for, our project is to design a curtain with tangible functionality, and the added performance must be in the attention of society. At the time the global warming is the very topic of any societies, a curtain with a function to help reducing the consumption of electricity will catch the interest of the public.How to achieve this? The idea is that we will develop a curtain with ability to reflect the heat radiation and shield off the heat from penetrating into a room.By this way, the expense on electricity for air conditioning will be reduced accordingly.This is particularly helpful for tropical countries where sun light is excessively abundant.
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