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Lighting Faucetの概要Inspired by the Fiber Optic ,the light pulses was carried pass the core to the end of Fiber Optic. This faucet stands out by blending the outstanding quality of translucent material with the LED light technology. When the faucet is turned on ,LED blue light at the end of spout represents cool color tone which help the mind relax and at peace. The automatic sensor function does not only make this faucet easy to be used by anyone of any age and gender but the user does not have to touch the faucet to use it. This can help the user rest assuredly that it is safe from any germ that are spread around these days.
Lighting FaucetのデザインについてThe inspiration is to design the product which people not only can enjoy and have a feeling relaxation but also being convenient during using this faucet with combing the new modern technology of Fiber Optic. The sketching of concept isthe simple form of tube and curved to the end with blue light at the tip of ended tube. The sketch is developed to the production by taking the hollow brass bar and bend the end down to proper degree of convenient using level.The LED blue light unit was installed at the spout tip and its light is comfortable for the eyes and help relaxing .The Automatic Sensor System of the faucet will control turning on-off water when people need to use it as the universal design product.
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