Dell Vostro V13



Ultra-light Laptop PC


Dell Inc. Experience Design Group(U.S.A.)

2010年度 グッドデザイン賞 受賞




Dell Vostro V13の概要The Dell Vostro V13 is a thin, lightweight Laptop PC designed for frequent business travelers and entrepreneurs around the world. The design combines a thin form, lightweight, and sleek, minimal design with authentic materials at a price aimed at small to medium sized businesses. A netbook-sized machine without the typical netbook compromises to power and productivity, the Vostro V13 was designed and engineered for productivity on the go.
達成しようとした目標Business travelers often had to choose mobility and affordability at the expense of performance. This 13-inch small business laptop is in a category all its own as entrepreneurs now have quality performance, battery life, and security combined with a thin and lightweight design, sturdy enough for business use.
プロデューサーDell Inc.
ディレクターMr. Kenneth Musgrave, Mr. Ed Boyd
デザイナーExperience Design Group, Dell Inc.
Dell Vostro V13のデザインについてWith the Vostro V13, Dell now offers a Laptop that is comparable in features and style to the popular Latitude, but more accessible and affordable for small businesses around the world and much more tailored to their needs.
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