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UN55C7000の概要UN55C7000WF, the worlds very first television to offer embedded 3D functions, employs an edge method, using LED as its light source. It is a slim TV with a depth of merely 26.5mm. This high-tech LED TV delivers a mystical feel, sophistication, and uniqueness by striking harmony between a high glossy material in a mystic brown color and chrome metal.
達成しようとした目標Our basic goal was to make the product look sleek and luxurious, more so than other LED TVs. We attempted to develop a television product that ensures top performance, enabling the user to fully enjoy the benefits offered by the latest technologies and 3D functions.
プロデューサーGwiho Lee, Manager, Visual Display Product Planning Group, Samsung Electronics
ディレクターYunje Kang, Chief Designer, Visual Display Design Group, Samsung Electronics
デザイナーTaeyeon Won, Senior Designer, Junho Yang, Principal Designer, Visual Display Design Group, Samsung Electronics
UN55C7000のデザインについてA television product is used for at least ten years. We believe a product with a good design is more than simply a product with a beautiful exterior. A good design gives more benefits and a greater emotional experience as time passes. It is a timeless design that the user does not grow weary of even as time passes.
UN55C7000はどのような使用者・利用者を想定したかAll types of users. Mainly used by the entire family.
UN55C7000はその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したかIts slim and lightweight feature allows even female users to carry the product and ensures easy installation on the wall. It is a comprehensive multimedia device that enables the user to enjoy added functions through the Internet (widget, shopping, stock trading, etc.), and also view 3D broadcasts.
その問題点に対し、どのように対応したかInstead of using spray for the exterior design, LED7000 adopted a double injection molding process to create a mystical texture. LED7000 is recyclable because it does not emit any volatile organic compounds, unlike other television products.
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