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Asustek Computer Inc.(Taiwan)

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ASUS EeePC 1016 Seriesの概要ASUS EeePC 1016 Series is a new products line of ASUS EeePC products that focus on commercial market. About ASUS EeePC 1016 Series design theme is like a diary, we designed it with ergonomic shape. All areas (screen, keyboard, palm rest, touchpad) are separated simply, that can create a wide using experience of viewing and typing. At last, we provide long battery life function (more than 13hr) and full I/O ports, they can carry and use it all day anywhere to control their works easily.
達成しようとした目標The overall design represents a good tool for business people. Ergonomic shape and orderly separation of functions can help commercial user to control works easily and show out profession spirit.
プロデューサーAsus Computer Inc.
ディレクターHW Wei
ASUS EeePC 1016 SeriesのデザインについてWe try to define a market segment and find a suitable design language for ASUS EeePC first commercial series. After co-work with our researchers, we found mobile-commerce is a good start to step in commercial market. We still try to make a good balance between commercial and consumer, so we think casual-profession is a light, free and professional feeling for ASUS EeePC commercial series.
ASUS EeePC 1016 Seriesはどのような使用者・利用者を想定したかOur product focuses on commercial user and we try to create a good tool for mobile-commerce.
ASUS EeePC 1016 Seriesはその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したかThe long battery life function of ASUS EeePC 1016 Series that user dont need worry about battery volume and use it all day everywhere. The hairline aluminum-like housing provides durability feeling of profile. There is a one-touch launch key to present users report that will make works easily and professional.
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