TRIPLE Thermostatic Tub & Shower Mixer



Thermostatic Tub & Shower Mixer


Deluxe Brassware Co., Ltd(Taiwan)

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TRIPLE Thermostatic Tub & Shower Mixerの概要The design fulfills three styles of shower experiences, no matter you are in the mood of taking a SPA, a soothing bath, or a quick shower, that are all available from TRIPLE. Just simply switch easy-grabbing flow switch on mixer body to choose from rain shower head or tub filler. Or just lift the knob on the spout to enjoy a quick shower. The integrated handle controls rain shower & tub filler flow which minimize the complexity of mixer body. By turning the handle to change the water flow brings users convenience. The thermostatic function also keeps you safe away from scalding.
プロデューサーDeluxe Brassware Co., Ltd
ディレクターYU YU, HSIEH
TRIPLE Thermostatic Tub & Shower MixerのデザインについてMost thermostatic mixer has 1~2 kinds of shower flows. However, we believe everyone deserves best shower after all the tiring work, based on this simple but strong thought, TRIPLE was born. We try to cater different shower behaviors, from refreshing SPA, a quick shower, to soothing bath, all your desires can be fulfilled by TRIPLE. The thermostatic features also keep you away from scalding.
TRIPLE Thermostatic Tub & Shower Mixerはどのような使用者・利用者を想定したかIn aging society, its common to see three generations live together as a family. Especially for children & elderly people, thermostatic mixer with safety button has strong function to protect them away from scalding. For each family member, they have different shower behaviors; even ourselves have different shower needs depend on mood or weather, thats the time TRIPLE provides best solution.
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